The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) recently interviewed Rivers of Recovery leaders about the need for public lands access. It’s a topic of particular importance for programs like RoR.

Access to Public Lands for Veterans

Access to public lands is vital for programs like Rivers of Recovery to continue to serve injured combat veterans.

Public Land Access is Vital to Outdoor Recreational Therapy

RoR understands how conservation and the healing power of the outdoors go hand in hand.

“If those resources were not available, we would not be able to succeed,” explained Amy Simon, RoR executive director, in the TRCP blog. “How can you not want to take care of these places that give so much to someone like a wounded veteran?”

Jim Mayol, RoR Board member and volunteer, also described his own perspective of public lands issues, and how it’s changed now that he’s witnessed the transformation of program participants.

“I see them before the trip, after, and in social settings. And there’s no doubt that the outdoors has had an impact on their healing,” he told TRCP. “It’s a no-brainer for me to advocate for these places now, where I may not have given it a lot of thought before.”

Planning for Today to Preserve Public Lands for the Next Generation

TRCP helps create federal policy and funding solutions by amplifying the voices of American sportsmen and women in service of Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. The organization continues President Roosevelt’s mission to address conservation issues with the understanding that to safeguard critical habitat, productive hunting grounds, and favorite fishing holes for future generations, we must plan carefully today.

Click here to read the blog and learn more about the TRCP and their efforts to support public lands access.